Size 200g - 3kg.
Habitat Swallowtail Dart are found along open surf beaches, headlands, sheltered offshore reefs, ocean reefs, coral cays, estuaries and lagoons in the sub-tropical waters of Australia. They prefer rock, coral and sandy bottoms and can congregate in large schools to feed under active surf, in white water, in surf gutters and holes as well as entering estuarine waters. The Swallowtail Dart can be found from Qld. to N.S.W. and sometimes further south.
Qualities Strong savage fighter with pure agility providing excellent sport on light tackle. Strikes hard at baits and swims away with speed. Once hooked the fish constantly changes direction darting and jinking from side to side.
Record Australian record 1.0kg.
Best Bait
bait: Bass Yabbies (nippers), Beach worm, Bonito, Crab, Fish flesh, Garfish, Pippi, Prawn, Slimy mackerel (blue), White bait, Yellowtail scad (yakka)
lure: Minnow, Popper
Link: 3 - 7kg main line with a 50cm trace.
Hook: No.4 - 2/0 Mustad 92554 Beak or Longshank.
Rig: Light beach gear with a lightest running sinker.


Hints Fish move in to shallow ocean beaches on rising tide congregating in the deeper water of gutters and holes. Cast toward gutters and holes adjacent to broken water and move bait steadily encouraging strike. Fish the deep gutters along beaches when the tide is at its peak. Bite best on sunny days. Cast into the breakers. Dart often take bait as it hits the water so immediately take up slack in line after cast. Fish are attracted to moving baits. Place a few red beads on line directly above the hook as an attractor. If fish are seen to be surface feeding in large schools, usually in estuarine waters, try a small lure or feather.